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May 18, 2022

Fachbereich Medizin der Philipps-Universität Marburg verleiht Ehrenpromotion an Özlem Türeci und Uğur Şahin

Am 12. Mai 2022 ehrte der Fachbereich Medizin der Universität Prof. Dr. med. Özlem Türeci und Prof. Dr. med. Uğur Şahin für ihre Verdienste in der Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs gegen COVID-19 mit der Ehrendoktorwürde.

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We are TRON

TRON is an independent non-profit translational research organization. We pursue new diagnostics and drugs for the treatment of diseases with high medical need. We apply our transdisciplinary competencies in genomics and immunology to develop novel platforms for the identification and validation of ‘omics’-based biomarkers, to modulate immune system components for use in personalized therapies. Collaborating with academia and industry, TRON executes research at the leading edge to support innovative drug design for human health.

Our Research Focus

TRON conducts collaborative research on disease genomics and therapeutic modulation of the immune system. Specializing in cancer immunology and genomics, our research teams develop tailored bioinformatic and novel biostatistical approaches to identify and characterize disease-relevant molecular targets. We design and improve cutting edge technologies for biomarker discovery and biopharmaceutical development, including platforms for immune-based therapies such as RNA vaccines and cellular therapies.

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